If you are a new user of coupons or discount vouchers, you will find it extremely beneficial to get to know as much as you can about couponing to help you have a better understanding and aid you in planning how to utilise your vouchers the best way you can, and to maximise the discounts you can enjoy.

One useful thing you might want to know about coupons and vouchers is that there come in different types.

These are the general types of coupons or vouchers:

Manufacturer coupons – Manufacturer coupons are discount vouchers which originated straight from the manufacturers or brand companies. These coupons will give you discounts for a specific brand which can be enjoyed usually on any store that sells the brand.

Store Coupons – Store coupons are the discount coupons which were generated by the store itself. These store coupons often offer different items you can choose from and usually promote the brands they want to sell in a short period of time.

The third type of vouchers is the manufacturer coupon with the store name on them. These are coupons for a specific brand which may only be used at designated stores or branches of stores. Make sure that you read every detail in your voucher, especially if you come across this type so you can have the confidence to use your voucher at the right store.

Some stores allow the shoppers to use manufacturer coupon and store coupon for the same item, at the same time. You just have to check the store’s policy on voucher usage to make sure.

Aside from these general types of coupons/vouchers, coupons can also be classified according to the discounts they can give you.

Single Item coupons – Single item coupons give you discounts for purchasing a single product from a specific brand. These are the straightforward coupons that indicate 10% off or less £1, etc. for a particular item.

Multiple Product Discount coupons — Multiple product discount coupons have discounts applicable only if you purchase a specific number of items from a particular brand. For an example, “Get 20% off when you buy three packs of…”  Again, you have to read your vouchers thoroughly so as not to confuse single item coupons with multiple product discount coupons.

Buy One Get One Free coupons — Buy One Get One Free coupons, also known as B1G1 or BOGO are one of the best discounts you can get. Upon purchasing a particular item, you get another one free of charge if you have a buy one get one free coupon.

There are also various ways coupons are distributed to buyers such as:

By Print: These are the coupons acquired from the magazines or newspapers.

By Mail: These are discount vouchers especially mailed to shoppers via post when they subscribe to brands or stores.

Mobile Coupons: These are coupons accessible from your smart phones or mobile devices and are frequently obtained from liking a product’s Facebook page or subscribing to a brand’s website.

Printable Online Coupons: As the name suggests, these are coupons available online and may be printed on your own home, cut out, and used at your favourite store.

Knowing the different classifications of coupons or vouchers can help you prepare on how to use them wisely. Use your vouchers and combine them with in-store sales so you can maximise your savings.