Doing extreme couponing has rapidly earned popularity in the country not only because of the popular reality television show but also because of the earnings and savings every individual can enjoy from using coupons when they shop.

It is believed that the first coupon that was ever made and was put to use was created by the world renowned brand, Coca-cola, in 1887. A partner of the Coca Cola Company, Asa Candler, has come up with the idea to distribute paper tickets or coupons and mail them to possible customers to give them a free glass of the well known soda. These paper tickets were also included in the magazines to be able to attract new customers to give Coca Cola a try.

Presently, many consumers use coupons not only for food or grocery items but for beauty products as well. Many buyers also use coupons to stockpile goods or items while they’re on sale. Using vouchers can really help you save lots of money if done properly and regularly.

Fortunately, there are many modern ways you can get vouchers other than just waiting for manufacturers to mail you coupons with discounts or freebies, just like what Coca Cola did.

Here are some ways you can get access to coupons:

  • Look for the online site for the brand you want, register or sign up with your email. Sometimes, brands will send you vouchers or special discounts via email if you subscribe to them. Just be careful if you want to avoid spam mails. These sites will usually give you an option to choose what sort of emails you want to receive from them. So sign up for just what you need.
  • Search the internet for online websites with printable coupons. This may be one of the easiest ways to get hold of discount vouchers. Simply look for a valid site, install coupon printing software so the printed codes may be ready for scanning at the supermarket, print the coupons, and cut them out.
  • You can always turn to your supermarket’s magazines for exclusive vouchers and discount for selected items.
  • If you’re a loyal shopper of a particular grocery store, you may want to sign up for their loyalty scheme to get great rewards and advantages such as exclusive discounts and special coupons.  Some loyal customers of supermarkets even get discount vouchers or supermarket magazines mailed to them.
  • Jordon Cox, an extreme couponing icon who became well known for reducing his £600 grocery bill to just 4p through the use of coupons, recommend getting in touch with the manufacturers or companies themselves as another way of getting great discounts. If you let the brands know how much you enjoy their goods, they may send you vouchers or discounts. Though, admittedly, this calls for more effort. However, Cox has proven this method to be an effective one in acquiring exclusive discounts.
  • Some of the grocery items you buy may also have some special coupons attached to them which you can use on your next grocery shopping. Be attentive for these coupons because they are frequently disregarded.

Finding coupons is relatively easy if you just keep looking. You don’t necessarily have to dedicate your entire day looking for vouchers – merely spending a couple of hours a week in searching for coupons can help you save pounds on your grocery expenses.