The use of coupons is an excellent way of saving large amounts of cash while shopping. Many consumers have benefited from vouchers or discount coupons for decades; and now, acquiring coupons has never been easier since it can be accessible not just from magazines and newspapers as it used to be. You can also get mobile vouchers and avail of some online.

Despite the advantages of utilising coupons and its availability, hundreds of shoppers avoid using vouchers or coupons for numerous reasons, including some myths.

One of the oldest myths about couponing is that consumers who purchase items using coupons don’t have money to buy groceries. Some buyers don’t want to use coupons because they are ashamed or afraid that other people will think that they don’t have money for food. Actually, the use of coupons signifies more about how you want to take care of your money than your financial standing. After all, coupons were created to be taken advantage of and to give buyers discounts, so why not use them for their purpose?

Another myth about coupons is that coupons are only for processed or junk food. Not really, there are coupons for fresh produce, eggs, and other organic products too. Aside from food, there are also coupons for beauty and paper products.

The myth that couponing takes a lot of time and effort is also a popular one among consumers that’s why they aren’t interested in giving it a try. The time you want to put into getting coupons are up to you. Just spending around a couple of hours a week can help you save on your weekly groceries.

In the past, you can only get coupons from magazines and news papers. Some people still believe that you can only get coupons from these up to now; but in reality, today, you may print coupons from online sites as well.

Another popular myth is that couponing promotes overbuying or buying things you don’t really need. While there are coupons that will offer discounts if you buy particular items in bulk or large quantities, the option to use coupons will always be in your hands. You still get to control what you buy, and you get to decide if you want to stock the items for future use. It’s not necessary that you use coupons for items you don’t need.

The myth about joining online mailing lists where you can receive discounts will only mean spam mail is also one of the biggest myths about couponing. Being sent spam is also something that may be avoided when joining mailing lists through email. Read the terms carefully before signing up because most of the time, there will be an option available that will make you choose not to receive unwanted emails.

One more myth about coupons is that all software needed for printing of online coupons and even the coupons themselves contain viruses.  Most major coupon sites only endorse trusted software to have their coupons printed.

These myths only hinder buyers from enjoying discounts and saving funds. There are consumers who have stopped believing in these and started realising how advantageous the use of coupons can be.