For a lot of us, one of the most difficult things to do is to save money. This is, of course, very understandable given that the prices of different commodities are skyrocketing. So, to help you, we will be listing simple ways to save more money for a brighter future.

First of all, it is important to record your expenses. This is crucial so that you will have a clear view of where your money goes. What you need to do is to have a list of everything that you will spend for the month. From the list, it will be easier for you to come up with specific plans to achieve your financial goals.

After recording your expenses, it is now time to do budget planning. Reassess where your money goes and see if you are overspending on some categories. It is also essential to save a part of your money for emergency cases. Having a budget plan will give you the motivation to save more.

When setting your financial goals, make sure that they are SMART, which means simple, measurable, attainable, realistic and time-bound. If your goals are too unrealistic, then you will just become frustrated in the end. Weigh in your current financial standing and work from there.

It is also important to know how to differentiate your wants and needs. You can do this by deciding on your priorities. Always take into consideration what matters to you the most when making choices. Just don’t forget to reward yourself once in a while. This is necessary because it will give you an added boost to stick to your financial plans.

The next simple tip is to use coupon codes to get discounts. There are a lot of online sites that list amazing codes offering huge deductions on the suggested retail price of products. You just have to take the time to do your research. For example, if you want to get discounts on Gymshark products, then all you need to do is to visit and use a Gymshark discount code or coupon which give as much as 10% off.

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Different Voucher Types

Posted by August 5, 2016

If you are a new user of coupons or discount vouchers, you will find it extremely beneficial to get to know as much as you can about couponing to help you have a better understanding and aid you in planning how to utilise your vouchers the best way you can, and to maximise the discounts you can enjoy.

One useful thing you might want to know about coupons and vouchers is that there come in different types.

These are the general types of coupons or vouchers:

Manufacturer coupons – Manufacturer coupons are discount vouchers which originated straight from the manufacturers or brand companies. These coupons will give you discounts for a specific brand which can be enjoyed usually on any store that sells the brand.

Store Coupons – Store coupons are the discount coupons which were generated by the store itself. These store coupons often offer different items you can choose from and usually promote the brands they want to sell in a short period of time.

The third type of vouchers is the manufacturer coupon with the store name on them. These are coupons for a specific brand which may only be used at designated stores or branches of stores. Make sure that you read every detail in your voucher, especially if you come across this type so you can have the confidence to use your voucher at the right store.

Some stores allow the shoppers to use manufacturer coupon and store coupon for the same item, at the same time. You just have to check the store’s policy on voucher usage to make sure.

Aside from these general types of coupons/vouchers, coupons can also be classified according to the discounts they can give you.

Single Item coupons – Single item coupons give you discounts for purchasing a single product from a specific brand. These are the straightforward coupons that indicate 10% off or less £1, etc. for a particular item.

Multiple Product Discount coupons — Multiple product discount coupons have discounts applicable only if you purchase a specific number of items from a particular brand. For an example, “Get 20% off when you buy three packs of…”  Again, you have to read your vouchers thoroughly so as not to confuse single item coupons with multiple product discount coupons.

Buy One Get One Free coupons — Buy One Get One Free coupons, also known as B1G1 or BOGO are one of the best discounts you can get. Upon purchasing a particular item, you get another one free of charge if you have a buy one get one free coupon.

There are also various ways coupons are distributed to buyers such as:

By Print: These are the coupons acquired from the magazines or newspapers.

By Mail: These are discount vouchers especially mailed to shoppers via post when they subscribe to brands or stores.

Mobile Coupons: These are coupons accessible from your smart phones or mobile devices and are frequently obtained from liking a product’s Facebook page or subscribing to a brand’s website.

Printable Online Coupons: As the name suggests, these are coupons available online and may be printed on your own home, cut out, and used at your favourite store.

Knowing the different classifications of coupons or vouchers can help you prepare on how to use them wisely. Use your vouchers and combine them with in-store sales so you can maximise your savings.

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Couponing can be an exciting practice, especially for shoppers new at it. You’ve seen episodes of Extreme Couponing on the television, you were amazed by the massive savings they get from discount coupons, and you’re excited to have your share of discounts, too.

Because the mere thought of saving money from couponing can be thrilling, it can also make some shoppers overlook some important factors that should be considered in couponing. Some of these important factors, when ignored, may not make your couponing as helpful as it should be.

There are several mistakes those new to couponing commit; and, if you’re just about to try to use discount vouchers to get to experience discounts first hand, you might want to learn about some of the common mistakes made when couponing.

Not calculating the potential savings that might be earned with the use of the coupon

Manufacturer coupons offer discounts for a specific brand. This is to drive shoppers to purchase their items instead of other ones; however, just because you have a discount voucher for a particular brand doesn’t mean that you’re getting the best deal. Even though you already have a discount voucher for an item from the leading brand, still check the price of the generic brand. There are some instances when you would be able to save more buying the generic brand as compared to the purchasing the leading brand at a discounted price. Do the math and perform simple calculation to make sure you save as much as you can.

Buying items you don’t need

While discount coupons and vouchers were made to be taken advantage of, it does not necessarily mean that you have to take advantage of every coupon you come across.  Keep in mind that buying things that you won’t use is equivalent to money wasted.

Not preparing a suitable storage place for your stockpile

The idea of stockpiling is to store the items you would buy so you can use them at a later time. So, you have to make sure that you have a room or storage that can accommodate all the items that you will stockpile, and will keep them in good condition. Otherwise, you could just be throwing away your hard earned money if you’re unable to use or consume items you’ve saved because of incorrect or improper storage.

Not using your stockpile

Some people are so consumed with the idea of storing goods or stockpiling that they forget what the stockpile is actually for. Use your stockpile. Additionally, be mindful of the expiration dates of the goods you’ve stored so as to ensure that they won’t go bad even before you have enjoyed them.

Having unrealistic expectations

Yes, the discounts enjoyed by people on Extreme Couponing are incredible; but bear in mind that aside from Extreme Couponing being a show, it’s not every day that everyone can collect hundreds of coupons and just opt to shop on the day of big sale. Stop comparing the discounts you receive from the enormous, unrealistic discounts from various shows. Comparisons like these will just lead to disappointment which may just make you lose interest in couponing altogether.

Not setting a budget for shopping just because you have discount vouchers

Whenever you’re shopping, with or without vouchers, you should always, always have a list of what you should buy and an allocated budget for these items. Even when you have discount vouchers, you may not be able to save as much if you don’t have a budget plan to stick to, because the absence of it exposes you to do some impulse buying — buying items you don’t really need.

Using a debit or credit card instead of cash for payment

Using credit or debit card for your shopping can be really convenient, but can be risky as well. When you have your card prepared it’s possible for you to exceed your set budget for shopping. Prepare to pay by cash instead so you can manage your spending more efficiently.

Remember that your aim for using discount vouchers or coupons is to save some cash and not overspend. If you’re still unfamiliar with couponing, chances are, you might just commit some of these mistakes. Avoiding them can help you maximise your savings even more.

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Best Ways To Get Vouchers

Posted by April 30, 2016

Doing extreme couponing has rapidly earned popularity in the country not only because of the popular reality television show but also because of the earnings and savings every individual can enjoy from using coupons when they shop.

It is believed that the first coupon that was ever made and was put to use was created by the world renowned brand, Coca-cola, in 1887. A partner of the Coca Cola Company, Asa Candler, has come up with the idea to distribute paper tickets or coupons and mail them to possible customers to give them a free glass of the well known soda. These paper tickets were also included in the magazines to be able to attract new customers to give Coca Cola a try.

Presently, many consumers use coupons not only for food or grocery items but for beauty products as well. Many buyers also use coupons to stockpile goods or items while they’re on sale. Using vouchers can really help you save lots of money if done properly and regularly.

Fortunately, there are many modern ways you can get vouchers other than just waiting for manufacturers to mail you coupons with discounts or freebies, just like what Coca Cola did.

Here are some ways you can get access to coupons:

  • Look for the online site for the brand you want, register or sign up with your email. Sometimes, brands will send you vouchers or special discounts via email if you subscribe to them. Just be careful if you want to avoid spam mails. These sites will usually give you an option to choose what sort of emails you want to receive from them. So sign up for just what you need.
  • Search the internet for online websites with printable coupons. This may be one of the easiest ways to get hold of discount vouchers. Simply look for a valid site, install coupon printing software so the printed codes may be ready for scanning at the supermarket, print the coupons, and cut them out.
  • You can always turn to your supermarket’s magazines for exclusive vouchers and discount for selected items.
  • If you’re a loyal shopper of a particular grocery store, you may want to sign up for their loyalty scheme to get great rewards and advantages such as exclusive discounts and special coupons.  Some loyal customers of supermarkets even get discount vouchers or supermarket magazines mailed to them.
  • Jordon Cox, an extreme couponing icon who became well known for reducing his £600 grocery bill to just 4p through the use of coupons, recommend getting in touch with the manufacturers or companies themselves as another way of getting great discounts. If you let the brands know how much you enjoy their goods, they may send you vouchers or discounts. Though, admittedly, this calls for more effort. However, Cox has proven this method to be an effective one in acquiring exclusive discounts.
  • Some of the grocery items you buy may also have some special coupons attached to them which you can use on your next grocery shopping. Be attentive for these coupons because they are frequently disregarded.

Finding coupons is relatively easy if you just keep looking. You don’t necessarily have to dedicate your entire day looking for vouchers – merely spending a couple of hours a week in searching for coupons can help you save pounds on your grocery expenses.

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Couponing for Beginners

Posted by April 28, 2016

Nowadays, it’s better to be practical; especially when it comes to money matters. Saving funds has become an extremely important part of our lives. This is the reason that shoppers go after discounts, couponing, and many other ways to purchase what they need at a lower price.

Shows like “Extreme Couponing” have given people an idea as to how much they can save if they truly dedicate time and effort in taking advantage of the discounts offered by vouchers or discount coupons.

Couponing is now being practiced by thousands of shoppers around the globe. Vouchers help a lot in saving tons of money if managed and used the correct way.

Today, coupons are not only available from supermarket and promotional magazines; you can also get printable coupons or vouchers from online sites.

Here are some tips that can help you out if you’re new to couponing:

Most online coupons may only be printed twice. Searching online for printable coupons is one of the best ways you can get awesome discounts. While most sites only allow coupons to be printed a maximum of two times, you may still print another couple of vouchers from another computer if you have it.

You may want to stock goods you’ll use the coupons for to be able to save more money. However, you must keep in mind that it’s best to just purchase what you really need. Otherwise, your stockpiling of items may just be hoarding products you don’t use.

Read your coupons carefully. It can be exciting to use coupons once you get your hands on them (particularly if the text displays a huge discount), but vouchers and coupons have expiration dates and sometimes even have conditions regarding when the discount is applicable. For an instance, you will see that the coupon indicates that you’ll get £3 discount. However, if you look closely, you may see that there’s a smaller text saying that you’ll only get the discount when you buy two pieces of a specific item. So, check your coupons before using them.

Aside from getting discounts from coupons or discount vouchers on the magazines and online coupon sites, you can also get exclusive discount for specific brands directly. You can write to your favourite brand and give them positive feedback or simply let them know how you love their products and they just might send you special discounts. Yes, it takes a bit more effort than simply cutting out coupons or printing online vouchers; but once you’ve seen how much discount they can give you, you will find out that it’s worth your time and effort.

Wait it out. Don’t use your coupons immediately once you get them. While coupons offer great discounts, you may even get bigger discounts if you wait for the items to be put on sale. Let’s say you have a 10% off discount voucher but the item you’ll use it for is at its regular price of £20, if you use your voucher when the item’s not on sale you’ll get it for £18; but if you wait for the item to go on sale at £15, you’ll have to pay for even a cheaper amount of just £13.50.

Do your grocery shopping at an earlier time. If you’re aware of an upcoming sale from your local grocery store and you know that you’re not the only shopper within your area that does couponing, then do your shopping earlier so you can make sure you’ll get the items you need.

If you’re planning on stockpiling goods for future use, don’t rush it out. You don’t have to buy large quantities of products when you stockpile. Purchase discounted items small quantities at a time – eventually, your stock will be bigger and you’ll have enough items for the future. Be patient because stockpiling takes time.

Try out different stores. Going around different stores comparing prices can also help you save money. Through comparison, you can also discover bigger upcoming sale events on new stores you just explored.

Once you try couponing, you’ll get to learn more tricks on how to maximise your budget and how to save more. Couponing may pose as a time consuming challenge to some, but once you get used to it, the practice will get easier and simpler.

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Completing the groceries you need while shopping within a budget can be quite challenging. It’s so easy to be lured from what you really need to buy whenever you step into your local grocery store – especially when there are discount sale posters (for items you don’t really need) catching your attention.

Yes, buying all your needs without paying much can be challenging, but it is possible. Shopping smarter will get you a long way in saving money on groceries.

First and foremost, being prepared before you go grocery shopping is essential. Preparation entails making a list of what you truly need to buy. Everyday foods as well as other personal needs are just some examples of what should be in your list. Simply making a grocery list isn’t enough, though. You, of course, should stick to this list.

Trying other non-popular brands can also help you save money while shopping. If you’re a loyal buyer of a popular brand for a particular item, you may want to try other generic brands which won’t cost as much. Who knows, you may find some other brand which can give you the same quality as your trusted brand but at a much cheaper price.

Know your grocery store well. In relation to choosing generic brands, you should be aware that grocery stores place items strategically to be able to tempt buyers into purchasing goods they want to promote, these are usually branded goods that would cost more.  For instance, popular, more expensive products are usually located on aisles or places you can easily see. So make sure you check the bottom shelf to see the more affordable goods. Additionally, you should also go directly to aisles where the items you need are located. A study from Marketing Science Institute revealed that you have a bigger chance of spending on impulse buys the more aisles you go to.

Use coupons and discount vouchers while shopping for groceries. No, it’s not necessary that you try extreme couponing and get all the things you may not even need. You may just use a printed coupon or even a cut-out one for goods you use every day. Using coupons has helped thousands of shoppers to save cash all over the world.

Stockpiling is also an effective way of saving on groceries. However, stockpiling can be tricky, so you have to be careful. Buy only discounted items that are necessary for you and your family like. You can stock non-perishable items like toothpaste and detergents. You may also stock fruits and vegetables that do not easily go bad – just make sure that you store them properly. This way you won’t need to buy these goods at a regular price every time you go to the grocery store.

Set a schedule to just go to the grocery store not more than once a week. This won’t only save you money, but gas and effort, too.

Do your grocery shopping alone. Shopping for groceries on your own will lower the risk of impulse buying. Shopping with your kids, for an example, may urge you to buy things that aren’t in your original list, and fighting this urge can be harder to resist when your kid started to actually ask for you to buy these items.

There are also other money-saving strategies you can come up on your own once you start practicing these tips. Do a computation after applying some of these and you’ll be pleasantly surprised on how much you can save.

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Myths About Couponing

Posted by April 26, 2016

The use of coupons is an excellent way of saving large amounts of cash while shopping. Many consumers have benefited from vouchers or discount coupons for decades; and now, acquiring coupons has never been easier since it can be accessible not just from magazines and newspapers as it used to be. You can also get mobile vouchers and avail of some online.

Despite the advantages of utilising coupons and its availability, hundreds of shoppers avoid using vouchers or coupons for numerous reasons, including some myths.

One of the oldest myths about couponing is that consumers who purchase items using coupons don’t have money to buy groceries. Some buyers don’t want to use coupons because they are ashamed or afraid that other people will think that they don’t have money for food. Actually, the use of coupons signifies more about how you want to take care of your money than your financial standing. After all, coupons were created to be taken advantage of and to give buyers discounts, so why not use them for their purpose?

Another myth about coupons is that coupons are only for processed or junk food. Not really, there are coupons for fresh produce, eggs, and other organic products too. Aside from food, there are also coupons for beauty and paper products.

The myth that couponing takes a lot of time and effort is also a popular one among consumers that’s why they aren’t interested in giving it a try. The time you want to put into getting coupons are up to you. Just spending around a couple of hours a week can help you save on your weekly groceries.

In the past, you can only get coupons from magazines and news papers. Some people still believe that you can only get coupons from these up to now; but in reality, today, you may print coupons from online sites as well.

Another popular myth is that couponing promotes overbuying or buying things you don’t really need. While there are coupons that will offer discounts if you buy particular items in bulk or large quantities, the option to use coupons will always be in your hands. You still get to control what you buy, and you get to decide if you want to stock the items for future use. It’s not necessary that you use coupons for items you don’t need.

The myth about joining online mailing lists where you can receive discounts will only mean spam mail is also one of the biggest myths about couponing. Being sent spam is also something that may be avoided when joining mailing lists through email. Read the terms carefully before signing up because most of the time, there will be an option available that will make you choose not to receive unwanted emails.

One more myth about coupons is that all software needed for printing of online coupons and even the coupons themselves contain viruses.  Most major coupon sites only endorse trusted software to have their coupons printed.

These myths only hinder buyers from enjoying discounts and saving funds. There are consumers who have stopped believing in these and started realising how advantageous the use of coupons can be.

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